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The Heritage Preservation Services

Preserving Legacies with Comprehensive Burial Records and More

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For cemeteries that don't require full accounting but have a need for managing their burial data, we offer our Heritage Preservation Service; a very user-friendly and affordable application that will track all required legacy data from the burial records.

TechniServe’s Heritage Preservation Service can be customized by the user with images and text that reflect and safeguard the vital information each cemetery needs to properly maintain their historical records.

Plus, our Family Tree options can help increase cemetery revenue by offering additional services to your families.

Both The Cemetery Manager and Heritage Preservation Service interface easily with our comprehensive cemetery map software for added convenience and details.

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Call today to arrange for a complete demonstration and to learn more about the exciting and affordable cemetery management products available from TechniServe.

Since 1986, we have been helping cemetery managers save time and money while gaining peace of mind, knowing that their cemetery records are safe, secure and easily accessible.

Let us help you make cemetery management and preserving all the heritage information and burial records as easy as possible with our custom tailored software solutions.

To learn more about The Cemetery Manager, Heritage Preservation Services, Comprehensive Mapping System, and other TechniServe services to enhance your organization. You can also call our offices today at (248) 989-0100 or email cemetery@techni-serve.com.

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