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Comprehensive Cemetery Mapping System

More about the Cemetery Manager and Heritage Preservation Service Maps

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TechniServe's online cemetery maps and mapping software system offers drill-down capabilities with burial details as available within the Cemetery Manager or from the Heritage Preservation Service databases. The mapping module is based on a grid type development.

This allows us to provide you with mapping details along with your cemetery management software without the costs associated with Global Positioning Systems which normally start at $50,000 plus for a small cemetery. Our mapping system also provides you with the ability to provide public access to the mapping module if desired, with restrictions as defined.

Customized and Affordable Cemetery Mapping Software

The Mapping Module Drill-Down capabilities start with a search of the database for a deceased name or lot owner name. The system then displays the available information as related to the searched name.

If more than one name is found as a match, additional search selection criteria is displayed, such as date of death/burial, age, and next of kin if available. The user then selects the record they would like to see and the general information page is displayed.

Next, the user then has the ability to view a map of the cemetery which highlights the section where the deceased is interred, like in (Example 1).

The user is then able to zoom into the section details map, like in (Example 2), which highlights where the lot is located within the section.

Zooming in from the section, the user can then drill further into mapping to see the deceased grave within the section and the surrounding burials and available spaces like in (Example 3).

If desired, we have an additional layer available which will allow you to attach pictures of the actual grave marker/monument and other information.

Both The Cemetery Manager and Heritage Preservation Service interface easily with our Comprehensive Mapping System for added convenience and details.

To learn more about The Cemetery Manager, Heritage Preservation Services, Comprehensive Mapping System, and other TechniServe services to enhance your organization. You can also call our offices today at (248) 989-0100 or email cemetery@techni-serve.com.

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