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A little bit about the Cemetery Manager

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TechniServe offers a complete cemetery information and accounting system that utilizes our comprehensive facilities management and computerization package - the Cemetery Manager.

Our goal is to work with you on all the functional aspects of cemetery management to make your cemetery the most efficient and easily manageable it can be for you.

We can offer you the best tools to operate your system, including custom tailored cemetery maps, work order tracking, sales tools, and comprehensive burial and legacy records.

The Cemetery Manager is a totally integrated system for all your cemetery management needs. Coupled with our experienced assistance, The Cemetery Manager will serve as the core for the way you manage your cemetery for years to come.

How the Cemetery Manager can help you

Working together we give you the ability to re-organize your staff for maximum productivity, all while giving your customers the highest rate of service. We can even make handling burial records legacy data simple with our Heritage Preservation Services.

Our Cemetery Manager software and Heritage Preservation systems are designed to provide you with cost saving measures. Access to work order tracking and sales tools help defray costs and generate new business, which can ultimately allow all of our services to pay for themselves.

Using the system will also allow elimination of duplicate input and system monitored / controlled accountability for the handling of cash receipts, making the entire process much easier to keep track of and ensure its quality.

Contact us today and try out a demo of any of the products we have available to see how we can help you manage your cemetery easier and more efficiently.

To learn more about The Cemetery Manager, Heritage Preservation Services, Comprehensive Mapping System, and other TechniServe services to enhance your organization. You can also call our offices today at (248) 989-0100 or email

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